Welcome to the Crates page, a page for a brief overview of all things Crates related.


Over the last number of months the Crates mini game has been offered regularly, often with the same Crates theme running for approximately three weeks at a time. On average there are about eight different themed prizes available to be won through a gambling like process. A player has the choice to play as often as they would like or to ignore it all together.

Each play costs a pre-determined number of crystals, and once the play has been confirmed a prize screen will pop up displaying an image and description of the prize that was received. Which prize is won on any given play is completely random, and often the prizes are broken up into four tiers (1, 2, 3, and 4) with tier 1 being the most coveted, high valued prize - often a habitat or a dino.


  • The highest tier prizes are difficult to obtain. About a 2 - 3% chance per play. Progressing through the tiers the prizes become more common. However, at times tier 3 prizes have been known to be more common than tier 4 prizes.
  • Many original crate releases appear with an associated multi step challenge offering crystal rewards for placing certian items.
  • The crystal costs to date vary with a range currently of 29 crystals - 69 crystals for a single play.
  • The majority of crates items are very rare, never seen before items. Many are never expected to be seen again either, so if you see something you really want grab it while you can!
  • Popular crates (Dino Crates, New Year Crates, with more expected in the future) have been known to return randomly for 48 hour periods. The reappearances have not had associated challenges.

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