Hurry! A unique chance to buy three rare and colorful dinos! 

Started: Wednesday August 7th, 2013 a little after 9PM

Ends: Tuesday August 13th at 6PM PDT. 

HUD boosters rainbowdilophosaurus icon@2x

To purchase, click on the in-app HUD shown above or select the Mallet and then under the Featured options select the Booster Pack with the colorful dino shown below. 

Featured booster rainbowdilophosorus@2x

The new baby Rainbow Dilophosaurus appears on the modal below inside the Gold Pack window. 

Unusually, the new dino is not shown as an animation. 

Modals BoosterPack boosterPack0807 v2@2x

Featured dinos include: Rainbow Dilophosaurus , Kentrosaurus and the Pterodactyl. In addition to these colorful dinos, the booster packs include awesome habitats like the fan-favorite Peaceful Primordia at 50 to 60% off. 

Gold Pack Silver Pack Bronze Pack
Featured booster goldpack rainbowdilophosorus@2x

Rainbow Dilo

Featured booster silverpack kentrosaurus@2x


Featured booster bronzepack pterodactyl@2x



600 crystals 

180 crystals

60 crystals
Icons boosterpack hero heroproteceratops@2x

Hero Protoceratops

Icons boosterpack valor valoursabertooth@2x

Valor Sabretooth

Icons boosterpack courage couragebronto@2x
Courage Bronto
Icons boosterpack peacefulPrimordia@2x

Peaceful Primordia

Icons boosterpack valor tier1desert@2x
Beautiful Bluff
BoosterPack icons playfulPlateau@2x

  Playful Plateau

Cost: $39.99 Cost: $14.99 Cost: $5.99


To sweeten the deal, each purchase is awarded additional bonus crystals that  depend on your level and purchase history. 

Goal Icon Comments
Goals specialGoal v7@2x
If you go for the first challenge, you will be presented with an even sweeter offer to encourage a second purchase.