The Corythosaurus is a Forest Tier 2 dinosaur whose name simply means Helmet-Lizard after the Greek word "corythos" for helmet! So far this gentle herbivore has only been found in Canada.

Corythosaurus adult@2x

Adult Corythosaurus

Below, we see a whimsical Dino-Diorama featuring a family of these golden Helmet-dinos checking out a most peculiar-looking visitor. The toddlers seem eager to meet and play with this stranger - but Mom looks a little cranky! Do you know the species of this friendly visitor?


Corythosaurus Dino-Diorama: "Who are you?"

All these dino-dioramas will eventually be housed in the Museum of Dinosaurs, Beasts and Chimera once the renovations there are complete.

Life Stats for the Corythosaurus

Species Name: Corythosaurus

Common Name: Corythosaurus

BiomeID: Jungle or Forest-2;        Tier: 2

Rarity Group: Rare

Probabiity: 1, Yes it can be gotten from Random Eggs!

Hatch Time: 10 hours, Hurry Hatch: 10 crystals

Cost: 199 Crystals 


1. Wants to have a career in construction

2. Likes going to the beach

3. Enjoys a nice healthy salad

Hmmm, I don't think Mom approves of this stranger the toddlers have brought home to play with.


Professor OneStone

Here are some additional snapshots in various life stages, from egg, to baby, then toddler and teen. 

Corythosaurus egg@2x
Corythosaurus baby@2x
Corythosaurus toddler@2x
Corythosaurus teen@2x