These two exquisite decorations, the Crystal Lamp and the Crystal Wish were first introduced on March 27th, 2013. Each crystal-producing lamp features animated sparkles and has a small 3x3 footprint. 

Crystal Lamps3

Crystal Lamps and Crystal Wishes on Display Stands

As shown in the  picture above, each village is limited to no more than four of the premium sapphire-blue lamps and no more than two of the golden-amber lamps. Thus you may buy up to six of these lamps in total, before they  will be hidden in the shop window. 

Sorry, the two priceless ancient stands are not included!

Each lamp has a build time of 12 hours, and a hurry-build cost of 15 crystals. 

In the game, the lamps have two different names as shown in the following modal. 

The blue lamp is the more costly premium version, and is called the Crystal Wish when you pop on it.

Modals makeAWish@2x

We are going to be naughty, and sometimes just call them both Crystal Lamps.

Crystal Lamp: 149 Crystals

Premium Crystal Wish : 279 Crystals

Decoration crystallamp@2x
Decoration crystallamppremium@2x
1 crystal every 7 hours for 65 days. 1 crystal every 6 hours for 210 days.

Extension: Each lamp will usually produce crystals for a few days past the stated expiration time.

Production End Date
Crystal Lamp (1st Release) June 5, 2013
Crystal Lamp (2nd Release) November 5, 2013
Crystal Wish November 5, 2013

Challenge: For high-level players there is a two-step challenge. Buy one of the blue premium Crystal Wish lamps for 279 crystals, and get back 27 crystals and 400XP when it has finished building after 12 hours. Then get another 50 crystals and 400XP for buying a second blue lamp. For high level players, there is no challenge for buying the less expensive golden-amber lamp.