Second AppearanceEdit

The exquisite Crystal Sphere and Crystal Ball return for a second appearance.

There is a strict limit of 4 each for the second appearance. 

Start Date End Date
Tuesday June 3rd 2014 ?
Crystal sphere modal

First AppearanceEdit

Available May 1st, 2013

Production End Date
Crystal Sphere November 5, 2013
Crystal Ball November 5, 2013

To purchase either crystal producer, select the mallet, then Featured and click on the following featured graphic: 

Featured crystalsphere@2x

or select the HUD appearing on the right of your screen:

HUD crystalsphere@2x

or go directly to the challenge, which offers a total of 53 crystals back. (23 + 30)

Goal icon crystals v2@2x

Here are some snapshot showing the Crystal Rewards. 

1. Crystal Beacon 2. Brighter Beacon!

Crystal SphereEdit

Crystal sphere 2
Comes with a challenge of build 1 and get 23 xtals and 400 xp

Check out how tall it is, footprint: 3x3.  Build time : 12 hours.

Assuming perfect collection every 6 hours will get 211 (+23 rebate) after 105 days.

Crystal Sphere Infobox:

Item Crystal Sphere
Decoration crystalsphere@2x
Cost 209 Crystals, Limit 4
Production 1 Crystal / 6 Hours for 105 Days
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 Hours or 15 Crystals

Crystal BallEdit

Not as golden, shorter time commitment.  Assuming perfect collection every 7 hours, only gives 81 xtals in 70 days.  If you can afford it folks, I would get the Sphere if you plan to play this game for a few more months.

Crystal Ball Infobox: LImit is 4 for Second Appearance, and not just 2 as before. 

Item Crystal Ball
Decoration crystalball@2x
Cost 159 Crystals, Limit 4
Production 1 Crystal / 7 Hours for 70 Days
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 Hours or 15 Crystals