Truly one of the most beautiful Crystal Producers ever - the awesome Crystal Torch!

Decoration crystaltorch@2x

Second AppearanceEdit

Appeared Thursday May 1, 2013.

Start Date End Date
Thursday May 1, 2014

Wednesday May 7, 2014

  • Held on until Thursday May 8, 2014
Modals crystalTorchRS@2x
Item Crystal Torch - 2nd Appearance
Decoration crystaltorch@2x
Cost / Limit 249 Crystals, limit 3
Reward 3 crystals every 8 hours for 68 days
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 12 hours or hurry for 15 crystals

Note: Same specs and challenge as in the first appearance. 

First AppearanceEdit

Introduced just in time for Independence Day celebrations of 2013.

Start: Approximately just before midnight EST, Tuesday July 2nd. [after an earlier false start]

Expired: Tuesday September 10th, 2013. Now prodices 350 Coins / 8 Hour. 

Modals crystalTorch@2x

This exquisite Crystal Torch can be yours for only 249 Crystals. Collect 3 crystals every 8 hours for 68 days. 

Limit 3, Build Time 12 hours, Hurry Finish 15 crystals.

The solid gold base with a [3,3] footprint features a futuristic design inlayed with precious sapphire-blue crystals. Lofted high on a cylindrical column, blue flames dance - casting a shine of hope throughout your village. A delicate animated particle effect creates the illusion of smoke gracefully ascending from the torch. Two golden rings of power hover midway along the support column - almost defying gravity. The top ring produces a powerful forcefield to protect your village from vicious wild dinosaurs like the T-Rex. The second larger ring, assures that only love, peace and harmony can dwell inside your village. 

To purchase this sublime crystal torch, click either the HUD shown below:

HUD crystalTorch@2x

or tap the mallet and choose this featured item.

Featured crystalTorch@2x


Step 1: Crystal Beacon!: Build 1 Crystal Torch and get 23 crystals and 400XP.

Step 2: Brighter Beacon!: Build a second Crystal Torch and get 30 crystals and 400XP.

Total possible reward crystals = 53 crystals.