Shortly after Playground Crates ends, villagers can enjoy a brief reappearance of the awesome Dino Crates, back by popular demand! Started Monday June 10th, 2013 in the late evening using EST. 

HUD dinocrates icon@2x
Modals DinoCrates 610@2x

After the rash of recent price increases, the promised 20% reduction from the original price would be a welcome respite, if true. Dino Crates will only be available until June 13th, 2013 - a Thursday. Dino Crates is a perennial fan favorite having appeared previously several times - originally at 49 crystals per play - and later at the reduced price of 39 crystals.  It typically reappears for just a few days at a time, as it has now. 

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for Each PrizeEdit

Dinocrates 1 triceratops
Dinocrates 2 andrewsarchus
Dinocrates 2 tornado
Dinocrates 3 jello house
Dinocrates 3 spooky swamp
Dinocrates 3 super hero rupert
Dinocrates 3 prehistoric teddy bear
Dinocrates 4 dino box car racer
Dinocrates 4 dino cookie
Dinocrates 4 dino dream catcher
Dinocrates 4 googly eyed cactus