Draft PageEdit

This is a page to draft ideas and brainstorm. Typically I use this, when the title of the page has not yet jelled in my mind. 

Why we need to be vigilante against censorshipEdit

In a Wikia Community much, if not all, of the information is provided by Wikia Contributors. In many cases, the information provided has either been discovered by the Wikiacon, or is an original thought/experiment from that Wikiacon, so that the question of ownership is clear, that contribution originates and belongs to the Wikiacon. Clear exceptions of course arise if the contributor has just copied and pasted someone else's work, and that situation is not addressed here.  

Now we need to ask on what moral basis is it proper to delete/block an original contribution from a Wikiacon, assuming it is neither malicious nor just plain rude. Well, I have been asking for quite some time now, and can't find any convincing reason. Greater minds than mine, like Aaron Swartz have looked very hard at this question, and he too, never found a convincing answer. Instead he found that information has a need to be freed; and that it is always in danger of sequestration by self-appointed gatekeepers despite the good it could do for the world. 

What I have been able to discern however, is the fundamental reason as to why otherwise reasonable people so easily succumb to a moral failing when it comes to safe-guarding the contributions and ideas of others. And that reason always starts with power and its abuse. In this case, that abuse involves the desire to maintain information asymmetry

Information AsymmetryEdit

Information asymmetry describes any situation in which one party knows more the other party.  The party in-the-know, always has a distinct advantage. The classic situation is when buying a used car. The previous owner has a clear advantage, and might even choose to withhold some information about say a distinct intermittent pang from the engine; in order to get a higher price for their car. Information is power. 

When good information is sequestered or deleted (even worse) it becomes tautological that the motivation revolves around a desire to maintain an information imbalance for a few over the many. Who are the few and who are the many? On pages like this, the many are of course the Wikia Contributors and Readers. But who are the few? 

Who are the few who really benefit when your information is kept hidden? 

Who Benefits?Edit

In the context of a website for a popular game, there are only a few "elites" who actually possess extra knowledge that is not easily discoverable by the majority of players, and it is with these elites where we can expect to find the motivations that drive the hyper-censorship peculiar to some other websites.   

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