Summer Booster Packs featuring the new Purple Bambiraptor and old favorites - the Brontornis and the Dimetrodon.

Started: Wednesday, July 10th, late evening using EST. 

Modals BoosterPack ExoticBoosterPack@2x

Click on the mallet or the HUD icon shown below to access these Exotic Booster Packs. 

HUD boosterpack purplebambiraptor adult@2x
Featured boosterSummer purplebambiraptor baby@2x

Gold Pack Silver Pack Bronze Pack
Featured booster goldpack purplebambiraptor baby@2x
Featured booster silverpack brontornis baby@2x
Featured booster bronzepack dimetrondon baby@2x
Purple Bambiraptor Brontornis Dimetrodon
Cost: $39.99 Cost: $14.99 Cost: $5.99
600 Crystals 160 Crystals 60 Crystals
Calming Cloud Flower Field Volcanic Vista
Pink Unicorn
Icons boosterpack pinkunicornstatue@2x
Gold Unicorn
Icons boosterpack yellowunicornstatue@2x
White Unicorn
Icons boosterpack whiteunicornstatue@2x

Challenges: The challenges vary depending upong your purchase history. On my two villages the offers were:

Goals specialGoal v6@2x

New Village: Buy a Silver Pack and get 200 FREE Crystals!

Old Village: Buy a Gold Pack and get 400 FREE Crystals!