Those annoying icons floating over your village are called HUDs, short for Head Up Display, a reference to their origins in fighter aircraft. Not only are they distracting, but they tend to always get in the way when you are collecting coins, breaking up that perfect long chain you were about to score - and destroying any chance of a really nice collection bonus. 

Just when we got used to the New Crates HUD cluttering up the lower right edge of the screen, and carefully developed collection habits designed to avoid tapping on it, the shifty thing has decided to hop to a new location and seems rooted to that spot like a barnacle on a whale's belly! 

IPAD1 NewCrates UnexpandedArrow

This new more central location could not be worse, unless they plopped the damn thing down, dead center on the screen. Hey TinyCo, why don't you just plunk the damn thing down in the center of the screen as shown here!

HUD icon newCrates@2x

PS: Hope they recognize sarcasm!

Or even better, place them in every corner and the center, for those of us with tiny stubby fingers like Rupert and Regina. It would be soooo convenient - and great fun for all!


Have not gotten through a collection today without accidentally tapping this lovely New Crates icon. 

If you hated the gambling aspect of Crates before, you are just going to love this stupid move. 

Do you think we will just get used to it? Arrgghh!

This HUD has different locations on different divices. 

Location of New Crates HUD On ipad2 and Kindle Fire

HUD on Ipad

Location of New Crates HUD on IPhone and Android TF700

NewHUD on Android