Even though we are unsure if Tiny Village will ever see more levels added to the game, it never hurts to be prepared just in case! Once level 70 is achieved it may seem pointless to continue, but the anticipation of the next big release keeps us all playing. With new levels comes new goals, new challenges, and new content. It also brings friendly competition amongst friends to be the first to achieve new goals.

With that said, here is a look at a prediction for XP needed to achieve level 80 if, and when, a further 10 levels are released.

Tv level forecast

This chart is based on experience needed to level up from levels 50 - 70 when experience demands begin to skyrocket compared to all previous levels. It is shown that if a player is to instantly achieve level 80, if 10 more levels are released, they will likely need just under 7,000,000,000 XP.

Approximate Experience Points needed to level up are as follows:

71 ~ 4,000,000,000     73 ~ 4,700,000,000     75 ~ 5,185,000,000     77 ~ 5,800,000,000     79 ~ 6,600,000,000     

72 ~ 4,300,000,000     74 ~ 4,875,000,000     76 ~ 5,600,000,000     78 ~ 6,250,000,000     80 ~ 6,950,000,000

Remember: It is important to keep in mind these numbers are purely hypothetical and are only to be used as a guideline. The numbers just above have NOT been calculated using the formula in the graph and have merely been 'eyeballed' at this time.