Starting in April 2013, the tips shown at the bottom of the screen during connection and loading, have suddenly become quite interesting. This affords a chance to learn more secrets about how the game works - the central goal of any true tinkerer.  

Nomenclature: These tips are  officially called Loading Screen Tips. Here is a typical encoding of the tips dating back to March 2013 using the game's ubiquitous JSON arrays. 

  "LoadingScreenTips": [{"intervalSeconds": 2.0, "tipText": "Dinos are available at Level 4!"}, {"intervalSeconds": 2.0, "tipText": "Use Fusion Lab to get a new dino from two existing ones!"}, {"intervalSeconds": 2.0, "tipText": "Build the wonders of the prehistoric world!"}]

You can see this JSON array packs three very familiar tips that have been shown for so long - most of us never even noticed them any more. Each tip is specified as a String value for the field tipText

Example"tipText": "Dinos are available at Level 4!"

When more than one tip is specified, it is unknown at present how the game selects which of the possible tips to show.  But this could be studied by restarting the game over and over and trying to detect a pattern. 

Starting in April 2013, the array of Loading Screen Tips became much more interesting  and informative.

All tinkers are encouraged to report the appearance of new tips as soon as they are detected. Just use the comments section below. 

Inception: Looking back at the relevant file on October 25th, 2012; we see that there is no trace of the JSON array "LoadingScreenTips". Perhaps this had been a static field before then. Another project will be to trace the inception date of when these tips first appeared. I seem to remember that loading Screen Tips were trumpeted as a new feature during one recent update. But which one? 

The original three tips shown above also appeared in files with these dates: February 8 and 22, 2013

But on February 1, 2013, the Loading Screen Tip was simply: "LoadingScreenTips": [{"tipText": "Up to 60% OFF on Dream Booster Packs!"}]</p>

And way back on December 18th, 2012 the tip was:

"LoadingScreenTips": [{"tipText": "To move your game to another device, use the Transfer Game option under Settings."}]

We can conclude that Loading Screen Tips were introduced sometime after Oct 25th and before Dec 18th.