The wildly popular Crystal Mini Treasures returns to help replenish all those expired Crystal Producers!

Modals CrystalMiniTreasures RS@2x
Start Date End Date
Thursday January 9th, 2014 Monday January 13th, 2014

Luminious Mini-Treasures: First Appearance

OK - just how many typos can you cram onto one modal screen! Avalable? Luminious?

Well maybe that luminious (instead of luminous) is an intentional pun on Mini - as in Mini Game? 

Modals space luminousMiniTreasures@2x

Luminious Mini-Treasures is structured very similar to the Zen Mini-Treasures.

Limits: Please note there is a strict limit of four for each type of crystal producer imposed at startup. Once you have four of any producer and then quit, you will no longer be able to see the Luminious Game. The limits are only imposed at startup. Thus, some players were able to have more than four lamps. This is because they kept playing past the limit of 4 in one single session. At the next startup, their Luminious game was gone. 

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize

Crystal Temple

Decoration crystaltemple@2x

Footprint: [5,5]

Crystal Mansion

Houses crystalmansion@2x

Footprint: ​[4,4]

Crystal Lamp

Decoration crystallamp@2x

Footprint: ​[3,3]


1 %


32 %


67 %

Cost 399 crystals

Worth 800+ crystals

Cost 209 crystals

Worth 400+ crystals

Cost 149 crystals

Worth 200+ crystals

How to PlayEdit

You can play by clicking the following HUD once it is pumped out - or use the Play Here button shown below. 

HUD decoration crystaltemple@2x

Step 1. Click the Luminous Mini-Game button to see the the three possible prizes, all popular Crystal Producers brought back for this Luminious Mini-Game. Just look at these dazzling Crystal Producers!


Top prize is the 5x5 Crystal Temple previously on sale at 399 crystals but worth up to 800+ crystals. 

Second prize is the 4x4 Crystal Mansion previously on sale at 209 crystals but worth up to 400+ crystals. 

Third prize, is the 3x3 Crystal Lamp previously on sale at 149 crystals but worth up to 200+ crystals. 

The three prizes are carefully hidden inside three boxes. 

Step 2. Click the "Play Here" button, then select one of three gift-wrapped boxes. Which prize you will get is a mystery! May the crystals guide your decision! You must be connected at this stage. 


Step 3. Each play costs 179 crystals! Once you press the confirm button shown below, those precious crystals are gone! You need not be connected to press this button, but unless your connection is reestablished shortly, your game will not be saved and your prize will be lost. 


After you press the confirm button, you will see a prize notification similar to the screenshot below. The prize will appear in your inventory. The Crystal Mansion will appear under the Buildings option, but the other two prizes are Decorations. 


And here is Prize #2. 


And finally, here is the coveted top prize.

Luminous Win CrystalTemple