Almost time for a new Bingo game!

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Anyone up for a great game of MidSpring Bingo? 

Super Bingo Mystery Bingo Regular Bingo
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MidSpring Bingo offers some truly incredible prizes! Super Bingo features a new Lilipad Warehouse, which holds 25,000 resources. Sure it looks more like a habitat, but it is labelled as storage. Mystery Bingo offers the new Yellow Archaeopteryx and Regular Bingo has the Ancient Water Tower! 

Truly awesome prizes! Can't wait!

Bingo BoardsEdit

Midspring bingo
Dazzling bingopz11
Midspring super bingo
Dazzling bingopz1
Midspring mystery bingo
Dazzling bingopz3


When Midspring Bingo first came out the start up modal displayed the mystery bingo grand prize, the Yellow Achaeopteryx, in its adult form. Merely a couple hours later the modal began to show it in its baby form leaping up from its egg.

Midspring modal adult
Midspring modal baby