Second Appearance in 2014Edit

Modals mothersDay@2x
Start Date for Second Appearance End Date
Friday May 9th, 2014

Tuesday May 20th, 2014

Ended about 9PM EST

For levels 25 and above. To help Rupert find his mother before time runs out, you can directly click on the challenge icon:

Goals icon mothersday@2x

or press the Mallet, then Featured and select the following new Mothers Day graphic. 

Featured mothersday RS@2x

First Appearance in 2013Edit

Mother's Day for 2013

Start Date for First Appearance End Date
May 9th, 2013 May 22nd, 2013


Main Challenge: Motherly Pursuit!

Rupert notices something odd and new.


Looks like some new instructions with a total of 11 steps. Wow - this is a long challenge!


Can you help find Rupert's mother before time runs out! 


Rupert looks really sad! Let's finish all the steps now to help him. 

Goals icon mothersday@2x
Tasks for Motherly Pursuit! Reward

Build 1 Mom Silhouette

Takes 1 hour to build.

6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Tip 5 Other Villages

6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Build the Stationery Store

6000 Coins & 3500_XP
4 Complete 3 Fliers Recipes 6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Complete the Post Office

Takes 7 hours to build.

6000 Coins & 3500 XP
6 Complete 3 Postcard Recipes 6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Feed your dinos three times

6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Complete 5 Rock Candy Recipes. Complete 3 Steak Recipes and 2 Salmon Recipes. Use either Rock Candy or Premiun Candy Stores. Use either Village Grill or Small Grill. 

6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Complete 3 Gift Basket Recipes

Warning! Each takes 18 hours!

6000 Coins & 3500 XP

Build all three air lanterns to spell out:

"I Love Mom"

6000 Coins & 3500 XP
11 Build 1 Light of the Household 20 Crystals & 3500 XP

Longest Task: Be prepared to take a few days to get through step 9, which requires three gift basket recipes. Each takes 18 hours, and you can only have the one Stationery Store. A good tip is to have one completed recipe in the queue, which you can start as soon as your postcard recipes are completed. You can also build the air lanterns and "Light of the Household" early, to assure you do not run out of time. 


Comment in red added to screenshot. 

Reward: This is one of the longest challenges ever, but happily the rewards are commensurate. 

Those who complete all 11 steps in time, will be rewarded with an awesome pile of 20 crystals!

MothersDay 20Crystals


Celebrate Mom with these beautiful glowing Mother's Day Lanterns!

Air Lanterns: Choose all three lanterns to spell out the special message - "I Love MOM", using a heart for the word love. Max of ten for each Air Lantern. 

Item I - Air Lantern Love - Air Lantern MOM - Air Lantern
Decoration mothersdaylantern i1@2x
Decoration mothersdaylantern heart2@2x
Decoration mothersdaylantern mom3@2x
Cost 15,000 Coins 20,000 Coins 25 Friendship Tokens
Reward 375 Coins / 10 Hours 450 Coins / 12 Hours 325 Coins / 9 Hours
Footprint [2, 2] [2, 2] [2, 2]
Build 4 Hours or 4 Crystals 4 Hours or 4 Crystals 4 Hours or 4 Crystals

Mom Silhouette: Here is a beautiful silhouette of Mom. Not sure if she still has all her teeth though. 

Item Mom Silhouette
Decoration mothersdaysilhouette@2x
Cost 40,000 Coins
Reward 300 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [3, 3]
Build 1 Hour or 2 Crystals

Light of the Household: At first, this decoration is shown only as a silhouette in the above modal with a big question mark ? on top. What a mysterious decoration! Requires level 25. 

Item Mom Silhouette
Decoration lightofhousehold@2x

850,000 Coins, &

5,000 each of stone, wood and lumber.  

Reward 6000 Coins / 10 Hours
Footprint [4, 4]
Build 36 Hours or 36 Crystals

Hmmm, I guess Mom does wear her hair in a bun! As a reader has pointed out elsewhere, Mom's profile can indeed be seen in the cut-out over the entrance to the Stationary Store. 

Flowers! Previously released flowers have also returned to help celebrate Mother's Day!

Happy Flower Patches: Also available during Earth Week Theme. 

Cheer up Mom with these playful flowers. 

Item Happy Flower Patch 1 Happy Flower Patch 2 Happy Flower Patch 3 Happy Flower Patch 4
Decoration happyflowerpatch1 thumbnail@2x
Decoration happyflowerpatch2 thumbnail@2x
Decoration happyflowerpatch3 thumbnail@2x
Decoration happyflowerpatch4 thumbnail@2x
Cost 3 Crystals 400 Coins 29 Crystals 29 Crystals
Reward 8 Coins / 6 Hours 8 Coins / 6 Hours 8 Coins / 6 Hours 8 Coins / 6 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [1, 1] [1, 1] [1, 1]
Build  10 min or 1 crystal 10 min or 1 crystal 10 min or 1 crystal 10 min or 1 crystal

Daffodils: Mom will love these large single-stemed daffodils or even an entire daffodil patch!

Also available during the Easter theme!

Item Big Daffodil Daffodil Patch
Decoration bigdaffodil thumbnail@2x
Decoration daffodilpatch thumbnail@2x
Cost 500 Coins 2000 Coins
Reward 15 Coins / 10 Hours 30 Coins / 4 Hours
Footprint [1, 1] [2, 2]
Build 30 Min. or 1 Crystal 1 Hour or 1 Crystal

Featured StoreEdit

Stationery Store

Item Stationery Store
Shop stationarystore@2x

325,000 Coins

+ 2750 Stone & 2750 Lumber

Limit 1
Recipe Menu > > Add when ready
Footprint [4, 4]
Build Info 18 Hours or 23 Crystals