A. My First Incisivosaurus on Feb 20th, 2013

Recipe: Adult Triceratops + Adult Kentrosaurus = 6*Pachy + 6*Minmi + 7*Fail + Incisivosaurus!

Also reported on Fan Page.

It does look like the probabilties in fusion have changed!

In Tier 3, the Sabretooth is now the modal Tundra Fusion,  the Minmi is the modal Desert Fusion, and the Pachy is the modal Forest fusion. 

B. My Second Incisivosaurus on Saturday March 2, 2013

Today I am multifusing in hopes of the new dino - the unaysaurus

Recipe: Adult Corythosurus + Adult Kentrosaurus + Fusion will finish about 10PM local time. 

Result: Ouch, the server caught my hurry finish (2 crystals) and led me to think it had caught my fusion, even though it had not. This mistake meant I got stuck with an Incisivosaurus, which I did not want at the time, since just fused one earlier. He has since grown on me. 

C. Sunday: March 3rd. 

Recipe: Adult Triceratops + Adult Rhino in search of unaysaurus. Cancelled this fusion and worked on replenishing my thinned out mid-level dino herds using the Spin Trick. 

All dino dens once again crammed full after this replenishment!

D. My Second Unaysaurus on Tuesday, March 5th

Recipe: Adult Triceratops + Adult Raptor gave  unaysaurus for a total of two of these handsome black water lizards. 

It was definitely a difficult multifusion showing a strong bimodal preference for Minmis and Pachys. 

Minmi -> Fail -> Pachy -> Minmi -> Minmi ->

Minmi -> Minmi -> Minmi -> Minmi ->  Pachy -> 

Minmi -> Pachy -> Pachy -> Fail -> Mini -> 

​Fail -> Ghost Pachy -> Fail -> Pachy -> Mimmi -> 


10 Minmis, 5 Pachys, 1 Ghost Pachy, 1 UNASAURUS and 4 Fails for a total of 21 fusions. 

5. Wednesday: March 6th  Hmmm, ...