Beginning June 18, 2013 the very popular New Year Crates have been re-released for 48 hours only. If you missed it the first time around now is your chance to get your very own beautifyl Waterfall Habitat! Or, if you already have one, why not get another?

New Year Crates costs 39 crystals per play and follows the same general crates principles as all other crates promotions.

Modals NewYearCrates resurface@2x

Screenshots showing Rank, Image and Description for Each PrizeEdit

New year 1 waterfall habitat
New year 2 the angels
New year 2 ice skating rink
New year 3 fruit tree
New year 3 cute cerberus
New year 3 snow house
New year 4 orange exotic flower
New year 4 purple exotic flower
New year 4 pink exotic flower