Come play Red Hot Summer Bingo!

Featuring tihis awesome Two-Headed Dragon!

HUD redHotBingo icon v2@2x

Get ready for the newest bingo triple-header - Red Hot Summer Bingo! This Bingo game started early Wednesday Evening EST, July 17th and is expected to run until Tuesday July 23rd around 6PM PDT. 

Free Play Time Windows

Free plays for all three Bingos started immediately. Free plays for Super and Mystery Bingos were shut off  * * *  evening by pushing the expected second Bingo file. 

Goals icon bingo@2x

Tap the mallet then select this icon under Features to play Red Hot Summer Bingo. 

Featured redhotbingo@2x

This will lead you to three different Bingo boards. 

Modals redhotsummer bingo@2x

Play three different awesome Bingo Pattern Boards with awesome prizes and a price point for everyone!

Regular Bingo

25 Crystals per Play

Super Bingo

49 Crystals per Play

Mystery Bingo

59 Crystals per Play

Featured redhotbingo regular@2x
Featured redhotbingo super@2x
Featured redhotbingo mystery@2x
Double-Dome House Lava Fountain Habitat Two-Headed Dragon Pup

Bingo Boards and PrizesEdit

Here are some sample Bingo Boards. The Super Bingo Boards and the Mystery Bingo Boards are the same for all players. 

Super Board Mystery Board
RedHotBingo SuperBoard
RedHotBingo MysteryBoard
Pattern: Sideways V or > Symbol. Pattern: Four corners of a rectangle

However, there are a near-infinite number of Regular Bingo Boards. Here are the first three on my Gadget, generated by exploiting AP mode at startup. If you have more, please add them. The required pattern for the Regular board is a smiley face, determined by nine squares, three of which are free spaces. 

Regular Board 1 Regular Board 2 Regular Board 3
RedHotBingo RegularBoard2
RedHotBIngo RegularBoard3
Regular Board 4 Regular Board 5
Red hot bingo1
Redhot bingo2

Despite this infinite diversity for the Regular board, the pattern, free spaces and location of the mystery prize are the same for each. 

Prize EggEdit

Once you complete the four corners needed to win the Two-Headed Dragon, the sharp-looking egg will appear in the inventory of your Dino Den. Although the description says Tier 4, it is really Tier 3. 


This fragile egg should carefully be placed in the Dino Den to incubate. It takes 16 hours, but you can hurry it for 10 crystals - or nine if you wait a couple of seconds. Honestly, who could wait?!

TwoHeadedDragon Incubating


We have only posted the challenges for higher-level villages. If you have a new village under level 20, you will see slightly different challenges. 

Step 1: As seen below, in the first step of the regular 3 step challenge accompanying bingo, there was an error with the Super Bingo grand prize image. The image should have displayed the new Lava Fountain Habitat, but instead it displayed the Dark Castle Habitat from the last round of bingo.

Red hot bingo error

Step 2: Can you see the typo?

Start Goal Goal Completed
RedHotCHallenge Step2
RedHotBingo Step2Complete

Step 3: Can you see the typo? 

Goal Start Goal
RedHotBingo ChallengeStep3
RedHotBingo ChallenegeStep3 Start

Well, all these typos aside, the crystal rewards are still nice. 

RedHotBingo Step3 Complete