Second AppearanceEdit

Retro Crates returns for a second appearance. Let's rejoin Ruperio and Theoduigi in a blast from the past!

Start Date End Date
April 9, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - Replaced by Futuristic Crates

Modals retroCrates 040914@2x

Note: It appears there is an error with the title which refers to Lucky Crates instead. 

First AppearanceEdit

Retro Crates have arrived!

Come join Ruperio and Theoduigi in a blast from the past!

Start Date End Date
April 20, 2013 May 20, 2013
Retro splash

A Bit of PrehistoryEdit

The nine nastalgic prizes offered in Retro Crates harken back to the prehistory of gaming, a history so remote, many of our younger villagers might not catch all the subtle references. Well, the neologisms, Ruperio and Theoduigi, are a play on the Mario & Luigi Series , a quadrilogy of role-playing games released by AlphaDream for Nintendo gadgets. Presumably the fusion of one Rupert and one Mario into a better Rupario follows laws similar to those of DinoFusion. 

+ Mario 

+ Luigi 


= Rupario

Decoration 8bitrupert@2x

= Theoduigi

Decoration 8bittheodore@2x

The PrizesEdit

The nine prizes are organized into four tiers or ranks

For pictures and descriptions of each prize, see the screenshots below provided by TinyDude. 

The total probabilities of winning a prize from each of the four tiers is: 

Tier1(3%) + Tier2(22%) + Tier3(50%) + Tier4(25%)  = 100%

This assumes you play Crates once, and then close it before restarting. As stated elsewhere, never play crates two or more times in a row, as this triggers a second set of probabilities with greatly reduced chances for the top prizes.

For the masochists (or the insanely curious) out there, the reduced probabilities are: 

Tier1(2%) + Tier2(14%) + Tier3(24%) + Tier4(60%)  = 100%

Rank 1 PrizeEdit

Tier 1: 3% Chance of winning the Bit Block Habitat, the top prize. 
Retro 1 bit block habitat

Rank 2 PrizesEdit

You have a one in eleven chance of winning each of the two tier 2 prizes. 

Thus 22% of the time, you will win a prize of second rank. 

Prize2: Pong - 1 in 11 chance  Prize 3: Epic Console Totem - 1 in 11 chance 
Retro 2 pong
Retro 2 epic console totem

Rank 3 PrizesEdit

You have a 1-in-8 chance (or 12.5%) to win each of the four prizes in the third rank.

Thus half of your prizes can be expected to come from this rank. 

Prize 4: Excavated Invader Prize 5: Blockman Arcade
Retro 3 excavated invader
Retro 3 blockman arcade

Prize 6: Caterpillar Arcade

Prize 7: Abominable Arcade

Retro 3 caterpillar arcade
Retro 3 abominable arcade

Note: As discussed below, Prize 7, the Abominable Arcade is really a Tier 3 prize. The  tier was incorrectly entered in the game files as a 4. 

Rank 4 PrizesEdit

You have a 1-in-8 chance to win each of these unique fusion characters. Another pun on 8-bit?

Thus 25% of the time, you will win one of these whimsical fellas. 

Rank 4: 1-in-8 chance to win Rupario Rank 4: 1-in-8 chance to win Theoduigi
Retro 4 rupario
Retro 4 theoduigi

Errors and TyposEdit

Finding errors and typos is one of the great joys of the game. It's like a coin-collector who finds a rare penny in which one of the letters has been stamped incorrectly. Worth a pretty penny! So far we have found two typos with Retro Crates. Can you find more? 

1. Mispelling: The description for prize 3, the Epic Console Totem reads: 

A dedication to the gool ol' times

2. Wrong Tier Assignment: The tier for prize 7, the Abominable Arcade is entered as 4. The internal logic of the assigned probabilities and the fact that the arcades form a group of three, reveal that this is a typo. The Abominable Arcade is really a rank 3 prize, and is displayed above as such. 

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