A few times each week, a special item is selected to be featured under the Spotlight.

This page will keep track of them. So far, at most one item is spotlighted at a time. Some items, are ephemeral and appear for only one day. These are called Daily Spotlight items.  Other items, like the Crystal Volcano and the subsequent Crystal Temple, have been featured for two or three consequtive days. 

If current trends continue, we expect several new items under the spotlight each week. 

With this expectation in mind, the best way to keep track ot these items is to use the comment section. 

After a few weeks, old spotlight items will disappear as the comments section grows to multiple pages. 

Everyone should feel free to post these as they are pushed out. 

Let's see what's under the spotlight today, shall we?   


If you wish to see all the previous spotlights without having to go through all the comments, please see the Spotlight Item Archive.