Our sleuths suspect either the up-coming theme or perhaps the next theme will involve the Stationary Store. 

Shop stationarystore@2x

This store has three recipes:  giftbaskets, postcards and fliers.

Look's like the new theme will be Mother's Day for 2013

Goals icon mothersday@2x

Also introduced with this store, is a new Mother's Day decoration, called the Light of Household.

Decoration lightofhousehold@2x

Hmmm, I guess Mom does wear her hair in a bun!

As a reader has pointed out in the comments below, Mom's profile can indeed be seen in the cut-out over the entrance to the Stationary Store. 

Mom will also be celebrated with these beautiful glowing Mother's Day Lanterns!

Decoration mothersdaylantern i1@2x
Decoration mothersdaylantern heart2@2x
Decoration mothersdaylantern mom3@2x

And here is a beautiful silhouette of Mom. Not sure if she still has all her teeth though. 

Decoration mothersdaysilhouette@2x